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A List of Great Sample Dissertation Topics in Marketing

Essay on marketing: essay examples, topics, questions, thesis statement

❶This is a form of relationship between the potential or relevant social actors; the This paper presents a few of those advantages.

Marketing Term Paper Topics

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It has a wide and developed chain of stores. Its uniqueness lies in Human Resource Management The success of a business depends on a sound human resource system.

Effective Human Resource Management stems from an Introduction Total quality management, TQM is an important aspect of large multinational companies used in management.

The TQM philosophy for Institutional security basically refers to all security measures put up by the government or even the corporate entities so as to protect social It is a helpful tool Introduction The American hotel chain Marriott International is one of the largest transnational corporations in the world.

Leadership is a method of social control in which an individual guides other people to achieve certain set goals. Many scholars have provided various Introduction Motivation and inspiration of a team and its effectiveness are extremely difficult and serious processes of teamwork and management. Our market segments are online shoppers.

We seek to create a long term relations with our members. We ensure they receive products efficiently and Motivation is a very important aspect of the effective work. The leverage sales approach can effectively be used by the Costco wholesalers in marketing their products. This is because the chain store Marketing Strategy Marketing is vital for either the success or failure of any enterprise.

The success of a business is often determined by the Wal-Mart is the arguably the leading retailer in the world. If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Previous Go to page. Cases in global marketing strategies If you call yourself a movie fanatic, then 21 August, was a day you will always have to remember. How does the consumer impact a marketing plan created by the brand?

An organization can segment its consumer market through defining groups of consumers with characteristics which are similar, but every segment will have… Research. A business proposal on direct marketing in social media This paper is a research proposal about direct marketing in the social media.

The development of social… Direct marketing Social media Society. The Marketing Mix Revisited: Furthermore, it is often the aim of any given company to ensure that it provides products that will increase its market share and make it competitive in the market Khan,… Marketing mix War. Marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques: Essentially, other enhancement is one of the techniques that… Book Handbook.

The relationship marketing process: It is defined as the practice, strategies and the technologies that organization put in place to monitor and analyze customer interactions,… Communication. Why digital marketing is imperative? There are numerous types and forms… Digital. In this 4 page essay, the writer looks at the impact that telecommunications have had upon marketing.

An overview of the Internet and on-line services is complemented by several case examples of successful business ventures. The point is kept simple. A 12 page research paper on how the Internet has changed marketing in a revolutionary sense. Several case examples of home businesses are provided and a brief overview of how on-line communications take place is provided.

The role of such things as e-mail, marketing auto-responders, etc. Bibliography lists approximately 12 sources. A basic overview of what marketing on the Internet is, how it works, and what the benefits provided by it are.

The writer also presents several key issues to consider such as Internet security, costs involved, alternative to credit cards, and uniqueness of methods to consider when marketing on-line. A 14 page research paper examining the past and anticipated growth of Internet commerce.

Included are discussions of prior mobility restrictions of customers and the ease by which their governments could impose import restrictions, alliances between worldwide companies, such as IBM and MasterCard, to facilitate Internet marketing and increase security of transactions. Also discussed are some of the types of businesses involved in Internet commerce and outgrowth industries directly resulting from the growth of sales on the Internet, such as consulting companies devoted to increasing sales and outside site developers.

A 10 page research paper which looks at what is needed to have a successful presence on the Internet for an air freight carrier. The writer specifically profiles the Web sites of FedEx and UPS examining the features which make these sites successful. While Federal Express and the Postal Service market directly to individual customers promoting their standard package delivery services, UPS is targeting the fast-growing business-to-business segment of Internet marketing in offering secure document electronic delivery.

The paper includes a SWOT analysis, identification of stakeholders in the private company and an overview of marketing activities. Human Resources at Federal Express: This 4 page paper with annotated bibliography examines the role of human resource management at Federal Express in terms of the three strategies for the strategic business partner concept as delineated by Michelle Martinez and elaborated by Dave Ulrich.

It finds that FedEx does conform to these 3 strategies and recommends a shift of HR personnel to the role of consultant and communication expert in addition to strategic positions. It then briefly examines the role of HR employees at the Boston Bank. A 15 page analysis of FedEx that includes an overview of the company and its operations and the challenges it faces in a very competitive market. One of the issues the company must deal with repeatedly is the attempt of unions to infiltrate the company.

FedEx has won numerous awards for its human resources programs and it is these very programs that keep the unions out. Recommendations are offered for the issues facing FedEx at this time. The paper compares business results, stock valuation, management effectiveness as expressed in terms of return on equity and return on investment, debt ratios and profitability. A 5 page paper that considers the use of the Internet as a means of marketing for chain restaurants.

The writer demonstrates that the Internet provides exposure to specific demographic groups not readily available in other marketing formats. Marketing Music On The Internet: A 10 page essay on the past, present and future of music marketing. The discussion of the future of music marketing focuses primarily on various forms of Internet marketing.

A 6 page paper discussing the potential of online music sales in conjunction with the recordable CD-roms that are now available for consumer use. Combining the recordable CD-rom, high-speed modems and secure Internet transactions could prove to the saving grace of the changing music industry.

Entrepreneurial Use Of The Internet: The bottom line is that there is incredible potential for success on the Internet, but businesses must make it easier for consumers to find them and conduct business with them.

The successes of Dell and Netscape can be used as readily available "how to" manuals: A 6 page research paper analyzing Netscape Communications. After presenting a brief history and financial data about Netscape, the writer discusses their recent problems and makes recommendations for the company. World Wide Websites and Small Businesses: This 5 page report examines the opportunities available to small business through maintaining a website and marketing via the Internet.

A 5 page essay discussing the challenges and opportunities that await a business when it decides to go global on the Internet. Bibliography lists six sources. Salesmanship On The Internet: A 10 page essay discussing using the Internet as a sales tool. Electronic selling is very different than other kinds of media and the business person needs to consider numerous issues, such as the type of consumer that uses the Internet to make purchases. Many different aspects are discussed, including sales strategies, populations of consumers, tips for getting started, types of Internet resources one can use and more.

This 11 page paper discusses the changing practices in sales and how salespeople are now approaching prospects and clients. The hard-sell is gone; today, there is a focus on relationships.

Still, there are some techniques that successful salespeople use. These specific techniques are discussed. A 10 page paper discussing the key components of a successful software launch. What are the problems facing developers? How can they be resolved? Bibliography lists ten sources. This 10 page research paper investigates the use of IT in small businesses. Topics include how small businesses are using information technologies, the percentage using IT, the issues and obstacles, the advantages, research and development grant opportunities and the outlook for the future.

A 7 page essay examining environmental marketing. The purpose is not to produce as much as possible, or even to make as much money as possible. Levitt contends that if a business Keeps the customer; the profits will follow.

This 10 page report discusses the issues surrounding marketing research and a proposal for the appropriate market research as associated with a home office work chair designed, produced and marketed by the fictitious company "HomeWorkInk" for the female home office owner.

A 9 page marketing campaign designed for the cooperative Almagated United Growers Company. Information on trends, competition, demographics, target marketing, objectives, and more-- are broken down into a set of formal stages. An excellent reference for anyone studying marketing. Bibliography lists 9 supporting sources. A 16 page marketing plan for a fictitious product: Product, pricing, promotion strategy, etc; are all presented as is a brief overview of how success will be continually measured and maintained.

Bibliography lists 13 sources. A 10 page paper presenting a marketing plan for a startup online brokerage services firm. The online discount broker is the current news of stock trading. This marketing plan presents a current view of the industry and determines ways that DirectInvest can outlast the competition. The writer discusses the existing market, niche, and very basic procedures. Specific examples are provided.

A short overview of plans for a computer company to augment its sales volume of laptop computers. Using basic marketing techniques, the strategy described seeks to better define the company's target niche and develop a plan to reach it.

First page is a sample excerpt from the "Minutes" of a previous executive board meeting in accordance with "Robert's Rules". Paper concludes with a brief outlook for the future. A 6 page paper on recruiting student volunteers to work with homeless children at a homeless shelter.

The writer describes the methods proposed to recruit volunteers along with unique innovations to motivate students. Techniques for assessment of the program are described. A 5 pager on recruiting women from an inner-city homeless shelter to attend S.

The writer describes the methods proposed to recruit them as well as how to evaluate whether or not these are successful. A 12 page marketing plan. Lush Ice Cream and Sorbets is a startup company that is far from just another ice cream manufacturer. Lush offers a few standard ice cream flavors i. All are non-alcoholic, and all are packaged in reusable thermal mugs that carry advertising at least of Lush and specific resorts, but is open to other local businesses as well, such as higher-end restaurants serving the tourist trade.

There is a growing demand for superpremium ice creams as well as the more health-conscious lower fat products of frozen yogurts and sorbets. The company operates its marketing function fully in-house and on a notoriously low budget. The Parrot Place Marketing Plan: A 12 page marketing plan for the sale of species of large parrots, domestically bred and home-, rather than store-, raised.

Sales of the larger tropical parrots has now surpassed that of cats to make these birds the number two selling pet class in the United States today, but corruption is rampant in the industry. Smuggling of exotic wildlife is second only to the smuggling of illicit drugs in estimated "street value," and it has the effect of decimating wild populations of these amazing creatures, some of which are listed as endangered worldwide.

The Parrot Place offers accountability and guarantee of domestic breeding, supplying the growing market while at the same time protecting wild populations. Bibliography lists seven references. The primary source of the success of the business has been their relationship with the savings and loans financial institutions in the state of California.

Those institutions are quickly diminishing in number, however, as federal regulations prohibiting wide geographical coverage by mainstream banking have been relaxed and merger activity has increased to levels never before seen.

The company believes that their continued success depends on their ability to also serve the more standard branch of banking, and sees the Year problem as an opportunity to aid their entry into that market. Even with the increased costs of printing and postage, catalogs sales still are big business, and the growth of the Internet promises only further increases.

One area in which direct marketing of products has not entirely taken off is that of educational supplies and products. Educational software sales are strong through direct marketing, but supplies themselves are still more the domain of physical retail outlets. A 12 page paper. Called a scam by some and the "future of marketing" by others, m ulti l evel m arketing MLM most likely lies somewhere in between.

Of course, there are MLM scams that are nothing more than thinly disguised pyramid schemes, but there are also many reputable MLM companies, such as Mary Kay Cosmetics. Conceiving of a world in which MLM supplants traditional retail efforts is difficult, but MLM remains an alternative channel of distribution to meet the needs of the consumer.

MLM appears to be a permanent alternative, but not one that will overtake the corner grocery. Petra Nelson is one of the up and coming business owners who appreciates the contribution of everyone on her staff, from the highest paid manager to the college student who works part-time for minimum wage.

She is of the mindset that all input is worthy of consideration -- no matter if the content is positive or negative -- in order for her upscale clothing store to become and remain successful. In an attempt to prove her point, she is implementing a complete reversal of what has come to be known in the industry as the organizational pyramid: Rather than follow the standard method of the pyramid, she has decided to begin a new trend by turning it upside-down. The writer discusses the concepts of an upside-down organizational pyramid.

A List of Topics for Marketing Papers

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10 Brilliant Marketing Term Paper Ideas to Consider. If you are tasked with writing a marketing research paper, you might be unsure of what topics you should cover.

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In order to avoid that – you have to plan your marketing term paper, and make sure that you have enough information on the marketing term paper topics you are about to write. Basically, the thing which value all professors is the credibility of your information.

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Mar 09,  · List of good marketing essay topics for students, Marketing Essay Topics Developing a topic for an essay is, unlike popular belief, an easy task. For a topic as wide as marketing, the job gets even easier and with only a little research, one can develop a topic for their essay. List Of Marketing Essay Topics. / Identifying good topic for marketing paper is a challenging task even for a qualified and professional academic writer. It’s not a secret that your topic should correspond to specific class or subject. For instance, “Marketing mix of Google” can be a good topic for a marketing paper prepared for “Introduction to Marketing” class.

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List of Free Research Topics for Marketing Dissertations, suggested by Top Professional Dissertation Assignment Helpers. Our experts not only offer you research paper topic assistance but also other services such as term paper writing services, how to write a research paper, dissertation title, last minute help with assignments and others/5(K). 15 Fresh Ideas For Marketing Research Paper Topics. If you are looking for marketing research paper topics, consider the following: You can review textbooks in your first year, second-year, or even perhaps from your third year.