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❶I want to make so much that would make me SICK! Each time this happens, keep going -- don't let it distract you.


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I can never turn the thoughts off in my head. Every night it's difficult to fall asleep before around 12 at the earliest and then I have to get up at 6 for school. I know I'm sleep deprived. I've never had a sleep schedule. I either fall asleep as soon as I get home and get 12 hours of sleep or I get almost none.

I know it affects me a lot but I can't do anything about it. I've wanted to try counseling but the school ones I don't trust and I don't have money for a therapist. Dude i used to be sleep deprived to exactly at 17 at junior year, slept at 11 and woke up at 3 to cook, bathe and go on the computer. You could probably try some subreddits focused on your particular issues. I do think you might as well try the school counselors, since your current approach isn't working out at all.

It's hard to see how they could make things any worse. It's all about your mindset. If you constantly think you're going to fail and become nothing, that's exactly what you'll do. If you believe you can defy the odds, become a skillful member of society, you'll do that and more. When it comes to homework, I would say talk to someone else doing the same assignments and ask that you work together to solve the problems you're facing.

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Plus, the less time you spend lost in your own thoughts, the more you will have to accomplish that which interests you or makes you happy and excited about life. Thank you for the advice! I wish I could work with my peers but anytime I've ever tried to work with them on something I get distracted or they do and nothing ever gets done.

In classes I always have to work in groups and I always end up doing everything and getting no credit or I do nothing and I learn nothing. You sound just like me when I was your age, right down to the years of insomnia. And the screaming Mom. For me, the biggest problem arises when I have to do work on the computer, because I get distracted by looking at facebook or memebase. To combat this problem I use selfcontrol, a program which blocks websites while you're working on homework.

When I do homework rite after I get home from school you go straight to a quiet room sit down and do ur homework do not reward uourself do not hav any distractions with u wait until you are totally finished until u get something to eat and If u hav little bros or sis then sit them in front of the tv and u go to a different room to do hw.

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And I just can't get myself to do it. I have more homework. But I thought I'd start with this essay. I seriously get motivate myself. I makes me so depressed. I don't know if its mental. But I CAN'T get myself to do it. Its driving me crazy. I wanna do well in school this year. I have to for college. But with my depression, I just can't do homework. I need .

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Jul 26,  · If you really don't want to do your homework, then just get everything ready to do your homework: paper, pencil, textbook, and maybe a cup of tea. Then sit down and open the book to the page you need to read%().

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Each student thinks with sadness '' I need to do my homework ''. Hide the PC and, if conceivable, the telephone; There ought to be quiet in the room. The best approaches to get roused to take a shot at assignments are straightforward and don't require any exceptional information, arrangements. It's like I physically can't do my homework. My mother screams at me because my grades are so low but I just can't do anything. It's not that the work is challenging (I find most of it extremely easy) I just think it's the anxiety of knowing I have to do this tedious work when all I want to do is sleep.