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FAST help with AP World homework!!!!!!?

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It was this nationalism that prevented the Congress of Vienna from restoring the old order, as had been hoped. In order to prevent the re-emergence of a second Napoleonic Empire, a series of alliance, beginning with the Holy Alliance proposed by Alexander I was created, alliances to operate in time of war and peace.

Otto von Bismarck appealled to nationalism in uniting Germany, first by provoking a war with Austria and then with France. The end result was a united Germany with intense nationalism to support it. Bismarck then declared himself "satisfied" with Germany's acquisitions, although the rest of Europe clearly was not.

Both Imperialism and the Balance of Power were also factors here. European nations were in a race with one another to develop colonies in Africa and Asia. Here again Bismarck tried to defuse the situation with the Berlin Conference whic proposed to peacefully carve up Africa; but it was not to be.

The Balance of Power resulted in France and England opposing Russia in the Crimean War to prevent Russia from occupying Constantinople; the outcome of the war was anything but pleasant, and a series of overlapping alliances--a la Bismarck developed to protect countries from aggression by others. The very existence of this system of alliances gave rise to tension and provided the fuse to ignite the dynamite already there. Two excellent sources you might consider: The typical answer here is that there was a mania for nationalism and national pride during this time.

National pride was connected to military prowess as well as to the ability to take and hold an empire. The "warmongering revolution," then, was something of a manifestation of the times.

It came about because the "spirit of the age" was one that emphasized national glory and pride through militarism and imperialism. I don't know that you can say one country was to blame for the start of World War I, though the losers of any conflict will inevitably be held accountable for it. The environment in terms of nationalism, a giant European arms race, a competing system of imperial alliances and a desire for colonies and resources were fertile grounds for the start of one of history's greatest and most disastrous wars.

And it wasn't just the European continent that was consumed with nationalistic pride in the late 19th century. There was plenty of national pride and imperialistic activity coming out of the new world as well as the old! Just as the above posters have mentioned, it is often difficult to pinpoint a world war on just one country.

There were so many factors to consider, not the least of which was that immense sense of national pride and machismo permeating the continent. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Can you help me with this quote from the book A History of World in 6 Glasses "distilled drinks, alongside firearms and infectious diseases helped to reshape the modern world by helping the inhabitants of the old world to establish themselves as rulers of the New world"pg Do you agree with it?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I don't, and the members of MADD wouldn't either. Distilled drinks have made a difference. It made Al Capone the richest man in America at one point.

And because someone had to get Capone, distilled drinks marked the beginning of power of the IRS. I often think I'd like to send them a T shirt that says On the front: We got Capone On the Back: We can get you too!

Firarms I ought to send you a cartoon by Tom Toles which states that there is a mass murder in the United States a little over 1 per day. I think that statistic speaks for itself. I know a lot of people that I normally respect like Doug Casey who take the contrary view.

Never the less, I believe in getting the guns.


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